When I moved to New Zealand in 2015 I started "playing" with some round postcards designs to send to my family and friends back home showing how beautiful my new home was.


It wasn't until I moved to Raglan that some friends were asking me for postcards and Thank You Cards to send to their families and friends for the Holidays and to include some gifts.



All images have been taken in Raglan, New Zealand.

Size: Square (10 x 15 ) - Folded with white inside for writting purpose.

Textured Cotton Paper


Free shipping all over NZ (The price includes the envelope!)



About me...

I am a camerawoman and photographer from Barcelona based in Raglan, New Zealand for many years.
I travel around the kiwi roads as much as I can and jump in the water with the camera whenever I get the chance as well.
I sell my art in markets and online. I'm always re-investing the money I make in the next travel-project-documentary or photoshoot.
Thank you for stopping by!


    Thank You Cards 10x15