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Trifàstics (Three colors)


This aerial panoramic image was taken in Panamá. I drove for two hours on one of the longest roads I can remember with almost crossing no one. Just a sloth!

Five minutes after it was taken, a strong storm hit the area. The palm trees were shaking hard and the ocean became chaotic.

When the storm had passed, the calm came back, and the sun as well.


The available showing sizes are meant to keep the original image's size. It's also available in A4, A3 and A2 with a slight crop that will keep the main wave centered.


*Please note that the image shown is not in the highest resolution to avoid copies. 

Free shipping all over New Zealand.


About me...

I am a camerawoman and photographer from Barcelona based in Raglan, New Zealand for many years.
I travel around the kiwi roads as much as I can and jump in the water with the camera whenever I get the chance as well.
I sell my art in markets and online. I'm always re-investing the money I make in the next travel-project-documentary or photoshoot.
Thank you for stopping by!


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