Road to Coromandel

September 29, 2015

From Raglan to Coromandel

From Coromandel to Raglan .

Days of peace, days of waves

days of love , laughs and beer.




On The Coast Of Coromandel


On the coast of Coromandel,
Dance they to the tune of Handel;
Chorally, that coral coast
Correlates the bone to ghost,
Till word and limb and note seem one,
Blending, binding act to tone.

From the first green shoots of morn,
Cool as northern hunting-horn,
Till the nightly tropic wind
With its rough-tongued, grating rind

Saraband and rigadoon
Dance they through the purring noon,
While the lacquered waves expand
Golden dragons on the sand —
Dragons that must, steaming, die
From the hot sun’s agony —
When elephants, of royal blood,
Plod to bed through lilied mud,
Then evening, sweet as any mango,
Bids them do a gay fandango,
Minuet, jig or gavotte.
How they hate the turkey-trot,
The nautch-dance and the Highland fling.
Just as they will never sing
Any music save by Handel
On the coast of Coromandel!


Osbert Sitwell











Any music save by Handel
On the coast of Coromandel!



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