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Road to New Zealand

So this is story about two human beings that decided to travel the world from Barcelona to its antipode, New Zealand.

This far far far away place has two islands - The North and The South (these kiwis don’t put much effort on naming things), so our adventure begins on the North one, concretely in its main city, Auckland as we needed to do some bureaucracy before getting on the road.

For a while there, there was just two of us, but then, we fell in love. We found Dora and we decided she would be our partner till the end of this adventure.

Dora is our van, and with her we get on the road up to the north.


We crossed both the area of Orewa (situated on the east side) and the Shakespeare Regional Park. Our day ends in Gulf Harbour where we sleep right by the ocean.

The next morning we decide to go to Piha, on the west side, and while having breakfast at 7am watching the sunrise there it was, a family of dolphins crossing right in front of us :) ! It made our day.

Once we hit the road, we drove all the way through a completely tropical rainforest that led to Piha, an amazing area just 45min outside Auckland that really looked like it was deserted. We were welcomed by a friendly old man at the surf shop, and by surf shop I mean 4 wooden walls in the middle of the jungle owned by the aforementioned man, a dog and sheep.

Right from the surfshop we already saw that the waves were pumping. Thanks to the old man we knew right of the bad how to paddle in, and we ended up having two awesome sessions, both in low and high tide. Piha south has an incredible left.

The end of a great day at Piha


Today the weather hasn’t been that good and after a great breakfast in company of some friendly ducks we’ve headed towards Muriwai Beach Doman.

We were drawn there by a picture of two colossal rocks with hundreds of white birds, turns out they are called gannets and they nest in those rocks to use the winds to their favour, also the young ones fly all the way through the Tasman sea to AUS, only a few make it back.

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